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Donate To Our Crowdfunder

Help us continue serving our local community. We need to raise £25,000 to replace our 20-year-old accessibility lift.


A big focus has been becoming properly accessible. We have changed our threshold to support power wheel chairs and our entry phones for hearing and visually impaired.  However replacing our lift is out of our budget reach and that means the many people with mobility issues who need to use our upstairs hall are not able to. The lift at 18 years old is no longer repairable nor meets new regulations. 



We are raising £25,000 for our busy community centre to replace our out-of-date and out of order platform lift. Please donate if you can and help us ensure our space is fully accessible.


The new modern platform lift will have lots of safety features with full enclosed walls and a better door function that can be used easier by people with mobility issues. With our new 25 year lease the lift is essential to our functionality now and in the future.  We want our community centre to be known for good quality and welcoming that includes everyone in our town.



The Centre is located next to St Leonards Warrior Square Station, with plenty of parking, lots of buses and metres from the thriving town centre with independent shops and cafes. Although St Leonards on Sea is ever more popular the town has areas of high deprivation (in the worse 1 per cent according to national indices of deprivation 2019)



As a charity, we are well connected to local service providers and projects and regularly used such as social services family mediation, insecurely housed women, refugee resettlement language learning, free holiday clubs for kids, and youth citizenship programmes are a few.


Therapists deliver one to one sessions with music and art to people suffering from trauma or living with neurological differences. We host lip reading and hearing loss groups, WEA and University of the third age activities as well as support groups for people recovering from drug and alcohol addictions.


The centre is also busy with committee meetings, clubs, writing groups, rehearsals, and all sorts of leisure meetings. One of our rooms has recently become a hub for accessible creative projects that recently won funding for a Covid recovery programme targetting the most isolated. About 400 people use the centre each week. Over 80 % of our business is with people who are in need of support.


We really are at the heart of the community fulfilling our charity’s mandate ‘to support and provide opportunities to improve the lives of local residents’.

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